How to : style weekend brunch

When winter draws in we turn inside, and savour the simple luxuries of home. After a long weekend lie-in, a decadent brunch is the ultimate weekend indulgence. Here are all the ingredients you need to style your brunch, so it looks as good as it tastes.

#askthestylist : hanging art in the bedroom

Art is a great source of inspiration when pulling together a look  in your bedroom. Picking accent colours from the artwork and matching this with your bed linen is a great tip if you want to create a cohesive look. But how do you hang different artwork and still find balance? Città Stylist Sam explains all...

How to : throw a throw

Rather than spending your mornings neatly squaring up your throw or bedspread, take a tip from our Stylist Sam and achieve a more relaxed look, which breaks up all those square corners.

This or that?

Choose between cool monochrome and luxurious jewel tones, and we'll show you how to recreate the look at home.