New product : Korbo fisherman's baskets

New product : Korbo fisherman's baskets

Here at Citta, we’re focused on creating products that will last a lifetime - not just a few years. We want our furniture and textiles to stand the test of time, and when we source products from across the globe, this is the basis in which we select brands to work with.

Korbo fits this brief exactly with their hand-woven fisherman’s baskets. Originally created in Sweden in 1922 and used by fisherman and farmers as sturdy carrying and storage containers, these baskets are not only strong enough to endure the test of time, they can also withstand weather, wind, wear and tear.

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If you’re worried about loose wires or snagging on fabric you can rest assured that these baskets will do nothing of the sort. Skillfully woven by Korbo’s craftsmen (who individually sign each basket) using a single wire, they are beautifully woven by hand using the exact same technique as the original baskets. As a result the baskets are completely weld free and why they are so durable - no part of the baskets can fall apart. You can see the art of each woven basket through the square design on the base.

Baskets are made with galvanized stainless steel which has been effectively used for 150 years (both by the original makers of the baskets and in other industries). Korbo also add a physical barrier of zinc in order to protect the wire from corrosion and to give it a stunning matte patina over time.

An absolutely perfect container for storage, you can use the Korbo baskets for laundry (basket liners are available), piles of wood, to keep kids toys, blankets and books. There is also the option to turn it into an outdoor planter with the custom sewn planting bag.

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Being the festive season, we’ve used ours to plant a miniature Christmas tree as you just can’t beat the smell that a fresh Christmas tree brings! Once Christmas is over (and we plant our Christmas tree), we’ve got plans to re purpose our basket and keep it in the office to store our recycling.

Korbo have really resonated with us as a brand who create products that are crafted for life and for generations to come - and we love this.

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