Lessons in layering : creating a serene space to sleep in

Lessons in layering : creating a serene space to sleep in

homestyle Editor Alice Lines teams up with Citta’s Head of Design Imogen Tunnicliffe to explore creative ways to personalise your bedroom.

With one of New Zealand’s hottest summers behind us, we’re embracing  the opportunity to play stylist in the bedroom as autumn permits sleeping beneath more than just a sheet. 

Furniture, lighting and what’s underfoot all play an important role in pulling together a succinct bedroom look, but the bed takes the lead in the decorating hierarchy. Dressing said bed starts with a simple formula: find a duvet set that suits your personality, then mix-match the pillows, cushions and throws to suit the season, or the mood you want to create. 

If you want a bed that looks like it’s straight out of the pages of a magazine – including this one – you’re going to have to be prepared to spend a minute or two throwing off your extra cushions before you go to sleep. If you need a practical reason to justify their existence, Euro pillows, especially, provide literal props for sitting up while watching TV or reading – adding both beauty and functionality to your bed.



  • Hang pendants on either side of the bed to make space for flowers and books. 

  • Soft colours enjoy the company of similar tones, but adding a pop of a punchier colour provides a sophisticated edge.

  • Having ‘His and Her’ bedsides in one material but different shapes adds both uniformity and interest to your bedroom.

  • A benchseat at the end of the bed does double duty as a place to stash blankets, while also grounding the bed in the room.

Words & styling Alice Lines & Imogen Tunnicliffe    
Photography Simon Wilson

CLOCKWISE FROM above LEFT Dieter canvas and leather tote, $219; Iringa woven basket, $263; Mina mohair blend jumper, $239; Fable oak armchair, $890; Purl Stitch wool throw, $239; Stardust cushion cover, $49.90; Compound bedside cabinet, $690; Talo mug, $25.90; Contrast light shade, from $159; Camelia rug, $1990; American oak Hut bench, $990; Felt storage baskets, $49.90 each; Purl stitch wool throw, $239; Cotton velvet cushion cover, $49.90; Klaus corduroy cushion cover, $69.90; Finch lunch plate, $24.90; Talo mug; $25.90, Shift table lamp, $289; Connect storage two bedside, $499, all cittadesign.com. Freemans Birch Curtain fabric by James Dunlop, $139 p/m, jamesdunloptextiles.com. L.A ankle boots, $349.90, latribe.co.nz. Linen and wool hanging, handwoven by Christopher Duncan, $350, turstudio.com. ON THE BED Stitch Linen bedhead, from $599; Dieter Dot Euro pillowcase, $39.90; Cotton velvet cushion covers, $49.90 each; Sove linen pillowcase, $69.90 (pair); Dieter Dot pillowcase, $69.90 (pair); Sove linen Euro pillowcase, $39.90; Ablers cushion cover, $64.90; Dieter Dot woven cushion cover, $54.90; Dieter Dot duvet cover, from $169; Leni Woven throw, $289, all cittadesign.com. All other items, stylist’s own.


It's all about the bed

It's all about the bed