5 steps to : cosy weekend brunch

5 steps to : cosy weekend brunch

Hunker down on grey weekends, and embrace new winter traditions by filling your home with the fragrant aroma of a warm weekend brunch. Follow our go-to tips for creating a delicious, cordial atmosphere for your traditional winter brunch with friends and family. 

1. Prep the night before

The whole point of a relaxed Sunday brunch is that you don't have to get up early right? Whip up your pancake batter, slice and dice your fruit and whisk your scrambled egg mix ready for cooking the following morning. You can even put your yoghurt, milk and spreads into decorative bowls and jugs the day before to save some time!


2. Heat up the oven 

The smell of a spiced ginger loaf or cinnamon brioche in the oven wafting around the house will make you and guests feel instantly cosy and at home. You can prep baking batter or dough the day before and simply pop in the oven at the appropriate time. You'll thank us later when there are leftovers for a little Sunday afternoon tea!


3. Set the table

Mix and match your ceramics and serving dishes with quirky glassware and napkins. The key to achieving this look is to stick to a similar tonal palette. If you have any family traditions or handed-down decor such as Grandma's favourite teacups or flowers, featuring these on the table will bring the family together and make the table setting uniquely yours.


4. Add those finishing touches

For us, it's all about going that extra mile and adding those finishing touches that may end up being a brunch tradition in your home! Toasting your coconut or stewing your fruit with spices or liquor will not only warm your guests but will add an exciting array of flavours that will impress. 


5. Brewing perfection

Ensuring guests get a perfectly brewed cuppa that they will enjoy, is essential. Set up an array of warming beverages, fill a pot with hot water and let guests help themselves to tea bags displayed in marble vessels. They'll be able to make their tea or coffee the way they like it, so you get more time to focus on cooking or socialising.  Pretty glass cups and saucers add that special touch to the occasion. 


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