Before + after : apartment transformation

Before + after : apartment transformation

With the launch of our Style Your Space interior styling consultation service we have partnered with O.K.L.A and Richards Partners to style their latest display suite in Albany, Auckland.

Last week Città stylist Sam and the team were onsite bringing the project to life.



We started with the most perfect blank canvas! Everything from the skirting to the downlights was designed by Richards Partners to create the clean, minimalist shell - ready to personalise with furniture and furnishings.

OKLA_DisplaySuite (1 of 113).jpg
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I started the project by pulling together the colour palette and mood the team at Richards Partners had in mind for the space. They had chosen muted blues, silvers, black and sand, and the vibe was to be relaxed and modern.

OKLA_StoryTakeover (1 of 1).jpg

From here I started pulling in furniture and accessories and putting together moodboards for each room. I injected in jungle greens, mauve and a touch of pink to add warmth to the base palette.



While finalising the moodboards I worked alongside the floor plan, making changes and adjustments to the layout of the furniture as I went. Being an open plan space it was important to think about the main entrance to the home. In this case, it was into the living setting. The sofa configuration is designed to open up to the entrance, with the rug off centre to the sofa reaching out to the entranceway to invite you in.

OKLA_DisplaySuite (12 of 113).jpg
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The rectangular dining table lines up with the back of the sofa to create an intimate dining area. Having all large items of furniture linear helps to make the space feel open, and creates a nice flow between zones.

It was important to make the space still feel relaxed and calm! I softened the cushions with the palm of my hand, tossed a throw casually over the arm of the sofa, folded the duvet down and kept the top sheet un-tucked and draping. This just adds a sense of softness to the space – giving it a lived in look.

OKLA_DisplaySuite (30 of 113).jpg

When working with a defined colour palette, it’s so nice to find a piece of art that works with both the colours and the vibe of the space. Marie Valencia is the very talented creative behind the lens for the print above the bed.

When it comes to the bathroom, it's so easy to match your towels. But, with such a cohesive colour palette working throughout the apartment I took the opportunity to mix the towels up. I chose towels in navy, black and sand and varied the patterns and textures. 

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OKLA_DisplaySuite (60 of 113).jpg

The best part of an interior styling project is seeing it all come together in the end and this was no exception. With attention to colour, texture and styling to create the right vibe, you are able to transform a space and give it the personality that turns it into a home.

Sam x

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