We love : winter warmers

We love : winter warmers

What's better than coming home, cold and wet after trudging through the rain, and making a hot tea in your favourite mug whilst curled up with your soft cushions under your warming winter throw?

Nothing, that's what. And lucky for you, we've got your favourite mug, soft cushions and warming winter throw all ready to go! Read on to discover our top winter warming picks to keep you cosy during this rainy season.


Your winter throw is an important choice - does it need to be heavy? Spongy and plush? Or perhaps wool is your preference? Whichever you select, we've got a range of textiles to keep you cosy.

Velvet throws have a soft and sumptuous cotton velvet outside making your couch an infinitely cosier place to curl up. The rich velvet will also add a touch of texture to your living area and provide depth.

If linen is your fabric of choice, then opt for a washed linen blanket. A little heavier than your usual throw, it will add comfort and warmth throughout those chilly winter nights. 

Wool throws are always perfect for curling up. They create effortless warmth despite being a relatively thin layer whilst being soft and light. 




Cushions and cushion covers not only look great and elevate your home style, they're also essential to prop you up on your couch and snuggle into your favourite spot, so they must be as comfortable as can be. Purchasing cushion inners means you can switch out cushion covers seasonally making it simple to revamp your look. 

For a fool-proof winter palette, look for deeper, rich colours such as forest green or a warmer merlot and then match those with lighter shades from the same hue. Try mixing and matching cooler tones with a touch of warm or vice versa for a more complex look.



We've all got one. That one favourite mug that we always reach for in the draw. The only mug that we will make the effort to wash when we want to use it. And there's no better feeling than finding your new favourite mug!

A block colour keeps things simple and makes it easy to buy a new set meaning you always have a favourite on hand. Or if you're wanting something a bit more delicate, a glass cup is a pretty edition to any side or coffee table. 

Print and patterned designs offer something special if your looking for that one mug to purchase as a gift, to keep in the office or if something particularly appealing catches your eye.

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No matter what you're looking for, our range of winter warmers will hold something luxurious, beautiful and useful to elevate your home style as well as keeping you warm and bringing you joy during the grey, windy weekends. 

Shop our winter capsule collection in stores and online. 

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