Meet the stylists who bring you top tips and interior inspiration from Città’s seasonal collections.


(From left to right)

Alice Lines | Editor homestyle magazine

As Editor of homestyle magazine, Alice gives people the tools to express their personal style at home. Sharing a fresh perspective and insight, Alice teams up with our Senior Textile Designer Imogen Tunnicliffe and Città Stylist Sam van Kan to publish Style Your Space editorially in homestyle, and help bring workshops to life at Città stores throughout the country. Alice’s home is constantly evolving, “I’m a bit of a chameleon when it comes to my own interior, I continually draw inspiration from a wide variety of creative influences with every new issue of homestyle that we work on. I do prefer a neutral backdrop though, it makes adding and subtracting everything else easier.”

Imogen Tunnicliffe | Città Senior Textile Designer

As Senior Designer at Città, Imogen oversees all aspects of the design process and is responsible for developing the seasonal themes and colour palettes, as well as producing textile and product designs. Imogen’s in-depth research into global cultures and destinations is interpreted into a design story for each seasonal collection, "Developing ideas with knowledge behind you creates design with meaning and integrity - it gives you a story to tell." Her house is an eclectic mix of old and new, “I’m quite influenced by my parents’ style so there are Persian carpets and old pieces of furniture, but these are mixed with modernist design… I have product from each collection too. It’s definitely not minimal and I like colour!”


Federica Contardi | Città National Visual Merchandiser

Federica is the national visual merchandiser for Città, previously working in Città Newmarket and joining the team in December 2016. Born in Italy, Federica aspired to work in interior styling from a young age. “My love for interior design started when I was a little girl, I spent hours creating my Barbie’s house. The fun for me wasn't playing with the finished set but more so the actual matching of textiles, placing the furniture just so, choosing colours and setting up the interiors.”

Fede went on to train as an interior and product designer in Rome. Her working career began at Ikea, Italy as part of the communication and interior design team before she moved to New Zealand to seek new experiences.

Her interest in interiors goes beyond the aesthetic, “I’ve always been fascinated by the emotions that people seek and experience in their living spaces and how this says so much about individual personality and style.” With Italian origins to the name Città – meaning ‘City’ in Italian, Fede feels a strong connection to the brand and aesthetic: “When I saw Città for the first time, I immediately felt the environment was close to my own concept of interior design. I love to work for a company with beautiful pieces that I am truly passionate about.”

Federica enjoys helping customers discover their individual style personality, “I love to inspire others but I also strongly believe that everyone has to find their own style and balance. I enjoy the everyday creative challenge of discretely discovering my customers taste and being able to suggest choices that really satisfy them.”