How to : style your bedroom for autumn

How to : style your bedroom for autumn

There’s no better time to refresh your bedroom for Autumn, coming into the colder months and incorporating autumnal colours with cosy textures. Follow Alice Lines, Editor of Homestyle magazine & Città Stylist Sam van Kan, as they take you through how to style your bedroom for autumn.

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1. Earthy pleasures

Texture is a great way to bring comfort into the equation, and it comes into play here from the ground up with a nubby woollen rug, a linen duvet, a woven throw and velvet cushions. When selecting a rug, ensure a balanced composition by opting for one that’s big enough to extend either side of the bed by at least 40cm.

Keep the head of your bed a rug-free zone, so your bedside table and/or standing lamp rest on the floor, and if you have a bench or an ottoman at the end of your bed, pull out the rug as far as needed to allow their feet to stand on it.

 2. Stack ‘em high

There are no rules about the number of pillows and cushions a bed should be topped with, but do aim to combine different sizes to enhance the overall structure of the scene. Updating the formal feel of two pairs of pillows, an asymmetric effect is always inviting. Stack a couple of pillows on one side of the bed and just one on the other, with two cushions leaned against it.

Or stand a single euro pillow against your headboard with a small rectangular cushion or two arranged in front of it.


3. Winding down

Treat styling your bedside table as an opportunity to enhance your evening self-care routine and make bedtime even better. Choose products that look as good as they feel — a lovely face oil or hand cream, linen spray or a facial spritz — and display them within easy reach. All will allow your bedroom to become part of your wind-down ritual while upping your chances of falling asleep.

 4. Level up

Another key to successfully styling a bedroom is to introduce interest at different levels. Move some of the focus away from your bed by standing a floor lamp beside it or leaning a ladder against the wall. The latter will also provide a storage solution to help you avoid the dreaded floordrobe.

 5. Wabi-Sabi

Take a curated approach to the top of your chest of drawers and decorate it with a chic vignette. Choose a theme, then objects that share that common thread — we were loosely inspired by Japanese craft. Lay your collection on the ground first to find the most pleasing arrangement. Consider using taller items and artwork to extend your vignette up onto the wall, and offset the lot with an organic element, such as a vase filled with sculptural dried foliage (we used muehlenbeckia) for a perfectly imperfect wabi-sabi effect.


Style Your Space Workshops - Bedroom

How do stylists throw a throw?

Join homestyle editor Alice Lines and Città’s stylists for an evening of hands-on styling ideas to create your dream sleep space.

We’ll share some delicious bubbly thanks to our friends at Nautilus Estate and a decadent cheese platter courtesy of Over the Moon cheese. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss your design ideas with Alice and Citta’s in-store team, so come prepared with snaps of your bedroom at home.

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