5 steps to : creating a welcoming guest bedroom

5 steps to : creating a welcoming guest bedroom

This week the teams from Three’s The Block NZ were hard at work creating warm & welcoming guest bedrooms with our beautiful living accessories.

As welcoming guests into your home is as joyful as it is daunting, we’ve created a fail-safe checklist to easily create a welcoming and accommodating guest bedroom that will cater to their every need.

1. Turn up the heat

Whether it’s winter or summer, guests may find a use for additional throws and blankets to either warm themselves up or cool themselves down by opting for a blanket only sleep. Hanging these on a rack or placing them at the end of the bed in an effortless but deliberate way will ensure they’re easily spotted, while making it clear that they are welcome to use them if needed.

This is also a great way to display guests towels or magazines for some light pre-slumber reading.


2. Home sweet home

Light a candle before guests arrive to fill their room with a calming or soothing scent when they arrive. Keeping the candle on their bedside will create ambiance in the room and make them feel at home. Dried flowers in a small vase can also be added as a low-maintenance way to style their space.


3. Bedside essentials

Having a range of usable items on bedside tables is a key way to helping guests feel settled. They’ll love the feeling of fully unpacking and having places to store their things. Small plates or bowls work well for storing jewellery or keys, while a hand cream can help create a temporary bedtime routine.

A jug of water and a glass is a thoughtful way of making your guest feel at home.


4. A safe place

Encourage guests to unpack with easy to store solutions such as our stackable Oku Trays/Lids. These provide a place for guests to store their passports, travel documents or any other items they may have or need on the go.

They can also be used to hold items you feel might be useful for guests such as tissues, pens and paper, keys, snacks or spare toiletries.


5. List it or leave it

Wanting guests to feel welcome and at ease is the aim for a good home stay. Leave them with a list of the ins and outs of your home to avoid them feeling like they’re intruding or a nuisance. Ensure you include things like the wifi password, alarm codes, how the coffee machine works, where to find the tea-making supplies and instructions on how to use the laundry facilities.

We think the teams did an amazing job with their guest bedrooms and we can’t wait to see how they style their rooms throughout the rest of the season. The Block NZ: Firehouse airs Sunday nights at 7pm and Mon-Wed at 7:30pm.

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