How to : style a kids room

How to : style a kids room

This week on Three’s The Block NZ, teams let their imaginations run wild to create playful & inviting kids bedrooms.

Using colour for kids bedding or accessories brings a playful touch that can be updated seasonally, leaving the walls and furniture to balance out with a neutral tone. Citta stylist Federica Contardi has provided go-to’s when styling kids rooms.


A neutral party

Fede’s first tip - “Starting from a neutral tone base and simple patterns it’s easy to add personality and achieve a complete and balanced look, layering solid colours within similar colour palette on decorative cushions and throws.”

Having neutral furniture or walls makes it easier to add bolder colours with bedding, toys and artwork. It also ensures you can switch up the colours or styling of their bedroom as they grow.

Think about sustainability

“Don’t forget that the trend, especially in child’s rooms, is all about sustainable and eco-friendly natural materials”, recommends Fede.

We have a range of bedding that is focused on being eco-friendly as well as being produced using materials that are durable and made to last. In particular, our Arie and Forget Me Not bedding are all created using 100% organic cotton so you can sleep easy.

In addition, “a more grown up look using the Arie organic cotton, or Forget Me Not, will add character to the room.”


Sharing is caring 

Federica has noticed trends emerging, “with an increasing trend of smaller living solutions, a shared bedroom for siblings is becoming a need. Neutral tones such as sand, beige and nut brown or cannoli cream pantone hues are a perfect choice for a unisex space.”

Bunks are a great way to save space and can allow you or your young ones to have 2 styled bed looks. Whether you opt for nut brown and cannoli creams as Fede mentions, or go for brighter, bolder tones all that matters is that you’re littlies have a spot for their imagination to run wild.


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