Steps to: foolproof feasting

Steps to: foolproof feasting

Alice Lines, Editor of Homestyle magazine & our very own Città Stylist Sam van Kan, show us their tips on foolproof feasting, making it easy to entertain so that you can have everyone over this summer.

Foolproof feasting

A simple yet delicious way to feed a crowd, platters are the time-poor entertainers best-friend. Simply stock up on cheeses, pickles, cured meats, nuts, olives and whatnot to serve with fresh crudites and loaves of bread.


Global goodness

Be inspired by European breakfast and lunch traditions and theme your next gathering around the open sandwich. For Danish-style smørrebrød, finely slices radishes, cucumber, beetroot and fennel with a mandolin, then combine with hard cheeses, smoked salmon, boiled eggs, caperberries and fresh dill.

Or take things in a Mediterranean direction with tomatoes, ribbons of courgette, grilled aubergine and capsicum, basil, olives, cured meats and chunks of torn buffalo mozzarella.


Bowl them over

More is more when creating a visual feast. A combination of boards, plates and bowls indifferent shapes, sizes and materials results in a look that’s much more ‘now’ than ‘old-school buffet’. Consider stacking larger and smaller receptacles to create a layered look, and dot small ramekins and spoons around the table for condiments and seasonings.


Sip tip

Water infused with fruit and herbs is such a refreshing summer beverage. Some of our favourite combinations include nectarine and rosemary, lemon and thyme, watermelon and basil, and blackberry and mint.

Fill jugs with oversized ice cubes, add long herb sprigs alternated with sliced fruit, then top with sparkling or still water.


Styled by Alice Lines and Sam Van Kan, words by Alice Lines, and photography by Simon Wilson.

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