#askthestylist : hanging art in the bedroom

#askthestylist : hanging art in the bedroom

Art is a great source of inspiration when pulling together a look  in your bedroom. Picking accent colours from the artwork and matching this with your bed linen is a great tip if you want to create a cohesive look. But how do you hang different artwork and still find balance? Città Stylist Sam explains all...


@houseofralph asked :

I want to hang beautiful original artwork above our bed. Which height would you recommend for art above the bed?


Ideally most art should be hung at eye level - not too high, not too low. With that in mind, I would suggest between 0.8 and 1.2m above the top of your mattress – but it really does depend on the size of the painting. You don’t want it looking closer to the ceiling than your bed, and you do want to be able to sit up in bed without whacking your head on it!

Here are three rules to help you position artwork depending on the size and style you're working with:

1. Centered

With larger pieces of artwork, over half the width of your bed, I'd recommend centering the piece to middle of your bed. This helps to create balance between the most dominant features in your room.

2. Off center

With smaller pieces of artwork, position it to one side of the bed, and balance it out by hanging a pendant light at the opposite end. We're seeing pendant lights used more and more in the bedroom; they are a great way to frame a bed and provide soft, ambient light.

When hanging your pendant light, aim to have the bottom of the shade hanging below eye line when sitting up in bed, and if you do have a bedhead to consider, about 1/3 from the top of the bedhead. 

3. Cluster frame wall

Create a cluster frame wall with pretty pieces to one side of your bed. Use a variety of frame sizes and experiment by grouping wall-hangings, or even decorative hats among your artwork. Vary frame width, depth and orientation to create a mix-and-match feel. Our Prado frames are great for this as they are clean and modern, letting the artwork do the talking. 

I can't wait to see how your bedroom comes together @houseofralph! Be sure to snap a photo and enter our #cittahomestyle competition for your chance to win a $1500 Città voucher. 
Sam x

Competition edit : warm + earthy tones

Competition edit : warm + earthy tones

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