5 steps to : spring hosting

5 steps to : spring hosting

Inviting friends around is one of the best ways to enjoy an afternoon or evening. Creating ambiance with a relaxed atmosphere is simple, whether you have a few days to set up or a few hours. We’ve teamed up with our friends Nautilus Estate to provide steps you can take when hosting in spring.

1. Pairing perfection

Choosing a wine that everybody will love, but it also has to pair well with the food you’re creating! Our friends at Nautilus Estate have divulged to us their go-to pairings. Who said wine pairing was hard?


2. Set the scene

Your guests will be spending most of their evening around the table, and we’re here to ensure setting your table is simple but draws the eye! Serving platters are ideal to place around the table and with this you can mix and match - a wooden board, your favourite ceramic plate, even marble serving boards to give a bit of texture.

Arrange dark green leaves and aromatics herbs, paired with pops of colours from carrots, lemons and radishes around your serving setting to create a natural, fragrant setting that will leave your guests in sensory-heaven. These can be pulled from your vegetable garden or even from the options you have in your fridge.


3. Heighten your senses

To give your dishes a bit of height, upturn a bowl to act as a stand. You can also place chopping boards under dishes for a slight elevation. This will give a sense of layering and will prevent your table looking flat, and your dishes potentially getting lost in the sprigs of greens running along your table.

4. Goodness in grazing

Sharing plates have long since been a great way to enjoy a meal, but it also takes the pressure off producing a meal to suit everyone. Turn your table into a grazing platter with an array of dips, vegetables, crackers, bread and meats that your guests can indulge in while they palaver.

Using a range of cheese knives, condiment spoons and teaspoons are the perfect way for guests to easily spread dips and sauces on those aforementioned crackers and bread. An unique spreading instrument brings your table setting together and also can be employed as a talking point. Our hand-forged utensils not only look beautiful as well as becoming a coveted part of your serve ware repertoire.


5. Sweeten the deal

Have dessert on display for guests to enjoy with their eyes before getting stuck in. A cake plate or a serving plate partnered with a glass dome will present conversation when guests inquire as to what you’ve created and get excited to taste.


6. Something extra special

Nothing leaves a better taste in your mouth than being made to feel that extra bit special. Spoil your guests by gifting them a home-made jam, parcel of baking or a posy made from the herbs or produce from your garden.

They’ll love the thoughtful gesture and will be delighted when invited back!


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