#askthestylist : pendant light positioning

#askthestylist : pendant light positioning

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior styling, but is often the element we consider last in a home renovation. Città stylist Sam tackles a question from @taryngraham about the best way to hang pendant lights throughout her home.


@taryngraham asked:

With several pendant lights throughout the house, should they all match? Or should they all be different?


Personally, I like to have them different throughout the house but with a common element if there are multiple in the same area. There is no hard and fast rule, but there are some things to consider which will help make the look come together if you are experimenting with different styles. I've broken it down by area...

1. Above a dining table

A pendant light hung above a dining table can make the space feel intimate and create ambiance. In an open plan kitchen/living area where you might have multiple pendant lights it can help to separate the dining area and create a focal point. This is an area where you could make a statement with colour and opt for a light in a contrasting shade to any other pendants you may have in this area. (E.g. pendants above an island counter-top). Our Contrast shades and Ombra lights are great options, with a larger diameter to direct light across a wider surface. 

2. Above a kitchen island 

Our smaller Ombra pendant lights and Contrast and Courbe shades are narrower, making them an ideal shape for above a bench top where you want light to be directed at a particular area. Here, we'd stick with one consistent colour and repeat across the length of the counter-top. Consider keeping a common element - such as cord colour - when you are positioning these in a space with other pendant lights (e.g. over a dining table). I'd recommend spacing these apart by around 75cm apart so the light is evenly dispersed. 

The beauty of Città lighting is the diversity of size and colour within styles, making it easy to mix and match. For example, you could go for a Large White Ombre Pendant Light (above center) in the dining room and Small Clear/Oak Ombra Pendant Lights (bottom left) above a counter.

3. Beside the bed

Pendant lights hung above a bedside table are becoming more and more popular in the bedroom. They're a great way to frame a bed, especially if you don't have a bedhead. Hung at the right height, they can provide a soft, ambient light for your bedside. Aim to have the bottom of the shade hanging below eye line when sitting up in bed, and if you do have a bedhead to consider, about 1/3 from the top of the bedhead.

4. In a  hallway/landing

If you have a large open hallway/entrance it can be nice to create a feature with the lighting here, especially if you have high ceilings. Try clustering narrower pendant lights together in 3s or 5s (odds work better than evens). 

Hope these tips help @taryngraham. We'd love to see how you decide to work with lighting in your house - don't forget to tag us in some photos of the finished look!

Sam x

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